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Media, quotes and photographs of different productions

Christopher Tester, 2022.    Photo Credit: Dan J. Corey


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter:

“At the center of it all is John Singer, played by Christopher Tester. With a smile in his eyes, he gives of himself to everyone while silently battling his own flames of sorrow. And yet, each character orbits around him, pulled in by his warmth and light, never imagining that he could depend on them any less than they rely on him.” Little Rock Soiree. August 29, 2017.

“With superb acting and staging… The 13-member cast is universally superb…” The Arkansas Online. August 26, 2017.

Promo Reel:

Fiddler on the Roof:

“Hodel’s student/activist from Kiev, Perchik, was performed with audacious humor by Christopher Tester and voiced by Jeremy Brown” NewsOK. July 29, 2016

“Jeremy Brown deftly supplies the voice for the revolutionary Perchik, but it’s Christopher Tester, the actor who gives the character a vivid stage presence.” The Oklahoman. July 28, 2016